Wednesday, September 23, 2009

U Think Other Mothers 25 Cent Sale is Cheap, think again!

This weekend being the last weekend of the month, it is time for kids clothes to be on sale at Other Mothers and Kidz Again. What? You've never heard of Kidz Again! It is located on Fairview between Meridian Rd. and Locust Grove, next to Hastings. You turn off of Fairview like you were pulling into Hastings but instead of turning left into Hastings parking lot, turn right instead and they are in the building in front of you.

Well, now that you know where to find it, you need to know why you want to go there for kids clothes.

Other Mothers is a great place to get kids clothes at their 25 cent sale, but Kidz Again has a $1 bag sale! So, you get a bag close to the size of a grocery bag, then anything you have in that bag totals $1, whether there is 2 things or 20 things in it, whether it is full or not! My bag was overflowing and it was still $1! They do have bags that are bigger so you can shove more things into one bag. I believe they are $3 for bigger bags, but they could be $2. Personally, I thought I could fit more things in 2 small bags than one big bag. Also, you have to get the bag from them. You cannot bring your own bag to the sale.

Last month, I bought 3 small bags for $3 (total) and when I got home I had over 80 items in it. Yes, they were rather full! But it is exciting to think that I had a fabulous deal at Other Mothers paying 25 cents an item, but my last trip to Kidz Again ran me 3.7 cents an item! No, I did not get all itsy bitsy stuff either! There was adult clothes in there too and a bed sheet. The only accessories were 2 hats and 1 belt, the rest of those 80 items were actual clothes.

Both stores on on the same schedule and have pretty much the same hours. Sale is on Friday and Saturday of the last whole weekend at both stores. (Last whole weekend means the weekend that has both a Friday and a Saturday, so if the last day of the month falls on a Friday, then the sale will be on the weekend before that.) Other Mothers opens at 10 and seems to be strict about their hours. Kidz Again opens at 10 also but if you show up early, he doesn't seem to make you wait until 10 to pick out items. Both stores have new items brought out on Saturday that were not out on Friday.

Go check them out! No, I am not paid by them to talk about their sale!! I just think it is a great deal and am sharing the info!


J&E said...

I am totally going to check this out! Thanks!

The Royal Family said...

wish I lived closer