Friday, February 20, 2009

Sample Shopping List for Albertsons Feb 18th-24th

Here are some of the $10 deals that I've done. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read prior posts starting all the way down to the post titled "KillerDeals this Weeks Albertsons Ad...Feb 18th-24th" and then read all the way up to here. Then you'll get it:)

Order #1 FINAL COST WILL BE ZERO! (only tax)
First Group of 10:
2 Toaster Strudels..$2 each x2=$4
2 Chex Mix..........$2 each x2=$4
6 Progresso Soup....$1.50 ea x6=$9
Total $17-$2 (ToasterStrudel Qs) -$2 (ChMx Qs) -$3 (ProgSoup Qs)=$10 -$10 OYNO=$0 (well, you will have tax) AND get a $10 OYNO back

Here are the coupons to print for Order #1. Remember you can print each coupon twice at each computer you have access too.

$1/1 Toaster Strudel (read $1 off of 1 Toaster Strudel)

$1/1 Chex Mix:

$2/4 AND $1/2 Progresso Soups:
Print both coupons twice, but use one $2 and one $1 coupon for the first transaction. If you have already received a $10 OYNO, you can use that too, to make the transaction free. If this is your first "Buy 10 save $10 transaction, then you will have to pay $10, but you'll get the $10 OYNO back to use on the next.

Order #2 FINAL COST WILL BE $2.50:

10 assorted Betty Crocker Cake Mixes at $1.25 each=$12.50-$10 OYNO=$2.50 AND you'll get another $10 OYNO back.

Order #3FINAL COST WILL BE $0.24

4 Grands! biscuits...$1.25 each x4=$5
2 BC Frostings.......$1.67 each x2=$3.34
4 Progresso Soup.....$1.50 each x4=$6

Total is $14.34-$1 (for 2 Grands! Qs) -$1.10 (for 2 BC frosting Qs) -$2 (for Prog. Soup Qs) -$10 OYNO = TWENTY FOUR CENTS! AND you'll get another $10 OYNO back.

Here's the addresses to these coupons
$.50/2 Grands
$.55/1 Betty Crocker frosting
$2/4 Progresso Soup (printed from link above in Order #1)

Order #4 FINAL COST $2.30

5 boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars...$2.50 each x5=$12.50
5 boxes fruit snacks (Gushers, Fr by the Foot, Rollups, Fr Snacks)$2 each x5=$10

Total is $22.50 -$1.20 (for 2 granola bar Qs) -$1.50 for 2 fruit snacks Qs -$10 OYNO =$9.80 AND you'll get another $10 OYNO back AND a $3.50 OYNO back (for buying 5 granola bars) and ANOTHER $3.50 back (for buying 5 fruit snacks)


Tons of other great deals! This is just a few examples.

Remember you can mix and match anything that it shows on the "BUY 10 SAVE $10" ad. Just make sure you buy 10 participating products at a time to get your $10 OYNO back. The $10 OYNO (good ON Your Next Order) can be used on ANYTHING.

Make sure to print this coupon, too...

$1.10/1 Progresso Soup

other coupons that work for the "buy 10 get $10 Promotion" can be found at and and

If my math is wrong, or have questions or comments, please reply!

Arm & hammer laundry detergent

Albertsons has Arm and Hammer Laundry Soap $5.99 AND BOGO! (Buy One, Get One FREE!)
Also, you can print two $1 Coupons at: and that will make them 2 for $4.99 (or 2 for $3.99 if they take both coupons on the one transaction, not sure...)

Make sure that they ring up for the $5.99, because they have been ringing up at regular price, $7.99, and then the cashier can fix it immediately for you.
If you are looking for the items in the ad, the old Meridian Albertsons--where Fairview turns into Cherry Ln (by BigLots!)--still has TONS of EVERYTHING!

Kelloggs and Free milk (at Albertsons)

When you buy 4 Kelloggs cereals in one transaction (they have to be the Kelloggs cereals that are on sale for 2 for$5 or they may say 4/$10) then you get a free gallon of milk which appears as an automatic $4.50 credit off your grocery bill, regardless of the price of the milk. The $4.50 credit will come off whether you buy the milk or not, but I can ALWAYS use milk!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some more coupons to print

$1.10 off 1 Progresso

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free Meal at Ruby Tuesday

Buy one get one meal free with this coupon:

5 Granola Bars,& 5 Fruit Snacks for $5.50 (or less...)only til Feb 22nd

With the Buy 10 get $10 Promotion going on, (see post just below this one) if you buy 5 Nature Valley Granola Bars and 5 Fruit Rollups (or fruit by the foot, gushers, fruit stickers), your total will come to $22.50 and you will get $10 back (for buying 10 items) AND $3.50 back (for buying 5 granola bars) AND another $3.50 back (for buying 5 fruit snacks). So you will spend $22.50 (plus tax) and get $17 back. If you have coupons for those items (which their were the last couple of weeks) then they are almost FREE!

The $3.50's will only print out till the 22nd (Sunday), but the $10 will print out through do this before Sunday to get the extra...

KillerDeals this Weeks Albertsons Ad...Feb 18th-24

Albertsons has a whole bunch of things that when you buy ten items (you can mix and match) you get $10 back.

When you buy 10 progresso soups, after the $10 back, they are only 50 cents a can!
Here is a link to print off 2 different coupons that will make the progresso soups free. You can print 2 of each one.

If you have more than one printer, you can print 2 more of each coupon with that printer. If you have a work, or your husband has a work, print some off there. If your neighbor, motherinlaw,friend, etc, doesn’t use coupons, have them print them for you too. A lady at the store today said her husband could print her off as many as she wanted because of the way the computers were set up at his work, it didn't put the limit on I hear YEARS SUPPLY???

You can print off 2 coupons for $2 off of 4 cans and 2 coupons for $1 off of 2 cans. When you buy progresso soups 10 cans at a time, and use the coupons, your total will come to $15, then minus $5 worth of coupons, and your total is $10, then you'll get $10 back as an OYNO (to use on next purchase). Then if you buy 10 more, total will come to $15 again, use the $10 OYNO, so $5 is your cost, but if you have more of those coupons, then it can be FREE--you'll only have to pay tax! There were also coupons in the Feb 28th GM Sundays newspaper coupon sectionthat make them 25 cents a can.

Cake mixes end up being 25 cents when you buy 10 and use the $10 OYNO, pillsbury grands biscuits end up being a quarter each (our Albertsons had yellow peel off coupons stuck on the cans of biscuits which actually made them FREE!)

If you are local, the old Meridian Albertsons (by BigLots!) ordered in TONS of product and has extra coupons at the front counter.

Lots of other great deals at Albies! Get in and get them before they run out. I'll try to update my blog later today with more of the great deals. Also go to click of "state forums" then "Screaming Deals by State" then on "Idaho" or "Utah" or whatever..."then on "Albertsons Printable Shopping List" for an amazing list of the sales and coupons that match.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lobster Tails $4.99 each

The old Meridian Albertsons (where Cherry Lane turns to Fairview) has Lobster Tails for only $4.99 each Today, tomorrow, and Sunday (Feb 13th-15th!)

All other Albertsons have the same special Valentines Day only.

We bought some when they had the same price at Christmas time and they were absolutely DELICIOUS! My only regret was that we had not bought more to eat the next night...and the next...and the next... To avoid the same heartbreak, you might want to buy some and freeze for later. :) I'm thrilled they are having it again! If you've never cooked lobster tail, it's EASY!!!! You just steam them for a few minutes (ask the people behind the meat counter). Make sure you get some REAL butter, too, to dip it in...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Albertsons Deals Feb 11th-18th

Use coupons on the front page of ad for:
Albertson's ice cream $1.99 limit 2,
Albertson's homelife bath tissue 6 double roll $2.49 limit 2
Whitmans Sampler or Hersheys Pot of Gold Chocolate $3.99 limit 2.

Albertson's cheeses--buy one get one free.

Some great buys in the meat department:
Lobster Tails $5.99 each ($4.99 on Valentines day!)THIS IS FABULOUS!!!
Boneless Pork roasts or ribs $1.99 lb.
Tyson Cornish game hens $2.00
Beef loin top sirloin steak, boneless, Max Pak 3.99 lb.
Beef petite sirloin steaks, Max Pak 2.99 lb.
Beef Rib Eye steak, Max Pak, bone-in 5.99 lb.
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts - Butcher Block 1.99 lb

Red potatos .99 lb.
Fresh Express Salad Blend BOGO Free, so 2 for $3.69

All Kellogg's breakfast items (cereals, poptarts, fruit snacks, and rice krispie treats) are 50% off.
Q's available at the following link (print twice):
Kelloggs Fruit Snacks or Yogo's Q: $1/2 RP-2/1

Lipton Tea Bags 16 ct package $1.00 ***.60/1 RP-1/18 and .50/1 RP-1/18

Crisco Olive Oil 16.9 oz $4.99 or $3.99with Q(use Q from this Sundays paper for $1 off)

There are some great Dannon yogurt deals, and ConAgro promotion($10 back when you spend $25), but must run, will post more later.

***This tells you "there is a 60 cent coupon from the Sunday Paper coupon section titled Red Plum (RP) from Sunday January 18th and a 50 cent coupon from the Red Plum coupon section on Sunday, Jan 18th."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Albertsons Deals Feb 4-10th

This weeks Albertsons Ad has the double coupons again. If you can't find the ad in the store, ask at the registers or at the Customer Service desk. Many of the stores are keeping them back there so people won't be able to go in a grab all the ads.

Each ad has 4 coupons that you can use with manufacturers coupons to double them (up to $1). Today I found Goldfish crackers on sale 2/$3. They had peel off coupons for $1 off of 2 bags, and then when I gave them my double coupon coupon, I got 2 bags for $1!

You can get 2 Romano's Macaroni Grill Pasta dishes AND Chicken for $3 (If you have 2 double coupons from Albertsons ad). Heres how:
Print two $1 coupon from here
Get 2 Albertsons Double Coupon Coupons
Get the in store coupon for $2 free chicken when buy 2 Mac Grill Pasta's
Get 2 RMGPastas--2/$7.
Get some chicken.
Pay. Your pastas will come to $3 ($7 minus $4 in coupons), your chicken price will vary (depending what kind and how much you get) and then $2 will be deducted. My family LOVES all of these pastas. I think the 3 White sauced varieties are FANTASTIC, and the red sauce one is OK. I always ad extra noodles to these (at least another half again)...they are VERY saucy.
Also in Sundays paper from Feb 1st is $1 off coupons for these.

Breyers Ice Cream $2.88
There is also some coupons in the ad for:
Suave Shampoo and Conditioner $.97
Albertsons French Fries or Potato Rounds (32 oz bag) $.99 (limit 9)
Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Tenders (2 1/2 lb bag) $4.99
Sylvania Light bulbs, 4 pk $.50
Totino's pizza rolls 7.5 oz. 1.00. Print two $.35 coupons at

Check out for an excellent printable grocery list with coupon info. Click on State forums, then Screaming Deals, then your state, then the store, then printable shopping list.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free Breakfast today at Dennys

Free Grand Slam Breakfast today only at Dennys until 2:00pm!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Posting Comments

Tanya emailed me and said she is getting an error message when she tries to leave a comment. Is this happening to anyone else? Please leave a comment to this post (if you can) and email me at if you can't and let me know what the error is so I can try to fix it. Thanks! Brenda

Thanks Tanya for Sharing this info:

Just visited your site for the first time. It is awesome, can't wait to check out more. Here is a great deal I happened on yesterday in downtown Boise. I know we don't get there to often but this might be worth the trip, if you are looking for something for yourself or a skinny, mini daughter. Ann Taylor Loft has 50% off their clearance. If you have never shopped there you should check it out. They have awesome clearances and this is doubly good. I got several cute (and modest) shirts for $3.44. There were some shoes for $2.44 (probably gone now) but there were boots, nice ones for $50.00 reg. $150. All kinds of sweaters for $7.44 and even some way cute coats for $40, if you are in the skinny mini category. I love a good deal, thanks.