Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Old Spaghetti Factory

For those of you with The Old Spaghetti Factory in your area, The Old Spaghetti Factory is having a 40th Anniversary celebration. They are offering cheap meals, Tuesday, January 6, 2009 during dinner. The dinner prices for salad, entree, bread and ice cream are between $2.95 and $3.95 and kids menu is only $1.95. They also have some 40% off the menu days during January (12, 13, 19, 20, 26, & 27th).

Albertsons Deals, End Jan 6th

Lean Cuisines are $1.17 when you buy 6 of them. Same with hot pockets.
Arrowhead 24 pack water is 2.34 each when you buy 3 and
dreyers ice cream is also $2.34 each when you buy 3.
Shoppers value milk 2%, 1%, and Fat free is only $2.00 each.
Whole is $2.29.
Dannon yogurt is .38 each no limit.
Kellogg's cereals (select varieties) are $1.59 each. Pepsi 24 pack is $5.99 each when you buy 2.
Albertson's 12 pack soda pop is $1.25 each.
On the back page of the ad there is a sale on select nestle items that when you buy $10 worth you get $3.00 off at the register. That makes Hot pockets $1.17 and Stouffers lean cuisine $1.17. That makes Arrowhead water $2.34 each, and for those who have dogs we have a sale on Purina Dog Chow. The 20 lb. bag is going to be $10 and when you buy one it will take $3.00 off at the register to make it $7.00 each bag.
For the next ad, try to find all the coupons that you can for Proctor and Gamble items. This is one of the biggest sales on Bounty towels, Tide 100 oz., and Charmin bath tissue.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 GB SD card $8.18 has some awesome deals on memory cards. A 4 GB SD card is only $8.18 right now with FREE SHIPPING. An 8 GB is only 13.98 with free shipping. You can also get two 2 GB micro SD cards for only $9.54 and FREE shipping! These are only while supplies last, so check it out at or go to and type in SD cards in the search. Lots of other great deals, too!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Albertsons New Deals (Wed Dec 17-Dec 25th)

Rib Roasts (Prime Rib!!!) $3.99 lb

Hormel Sliced Ham $1.88 lb

When you buy $25 of selected Kraft Products, you save $10 on a rib roast or Ham! For some reason, this isn't in the ad, but there should be a display in your store showing the participating products. As soon as I find out what they are, I'll let you know.

When you buy 3 selected Kelloggs cereals (apple jacks, froot loops, rice krispies, corn pops) you get them for $1.67 each. In the Sundays paper there were $1.00 coupons on these items. So you can get a box of cereal for .67 each.

Coke 12 packs on sale for 5/$13.00 when you buy 5

Coke 2 liters for .79 each.

Green Giant veggies are 20/$10.00

Campbells cream of mushroom soup and gravy and swansons broth are all 20/$10.00, or 50 each.
Tillimook 2# cheese is $5.99

Albertson's 1 lb. butter is $1.79 each no limit.

Albertson's 12 pack soda is $1.79 each no limit

Crystal Geyser 24 pack water is 3/$10.00 or 3.33 each.

Doritos--buy 1 get 1 free

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rite Aid 75% off Christmas Lights!!!

Just ran to Rite Aid and found Christmas Lights are 75% off! I've been wanting LED's, and they had MANY different kinds for CHEAP! (Hopefully they don't work cheaply....) I bought 12 boxes of indoor/outdoor lights (reg price $8.99 per box, sale price $2.24 per box!) for 26.88 plus tax! BUT WAIT!!! It gets better! for every $25 in purchases you accumulate between now and Dec 24th you get a $5 rebate, (for up to $20 back). Pretty cool, huh? So I just got $106.00 worth of Christmas lights for, like 21 bucks...!

They also had a lighted deer set with a buck and a doe for $7.49 (reg $29.99), and a grinch blow up thing with the Santa grinch going up and in down the chimney and the grinches dog for $24.99 (reg $99.99). There were other assorted cute light up things for 75% off.

I'm assuming this sale ends TODAY since RiteAid's ads change on Sundays...but not sure...

Make sure to save all your receipts to enter on line at to get up to $20 rebate.

Albertsons Clearance

I went to my Albies (Meridian Rd & Fairview where it turns to Cherry Ln) last night and they had a bunch of stuff on Clearance.
They had Always Pads for $1.99, Stayfree pads for 2.99, body wash for $.99 and $1.99 and a bunch of other assorted stuff that I can't recall.
The Clearance things were in carts back by the cheese and lunch meats...check your Albies, because they often clearance things together to make way for new sets...

Good luck!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Albertsons-spend $10 and save $4 instantly Good Dec10-16

Look at the back page of the Albertsons ad for the list of items available in this promo! Some great deals, especially when combined with coupons.

Here's a few highlights:
First Deal:
buy 6 Betty Crocker cookie pouches- $1.67 ea
print off 2 coupons at each of these links:
Your total will be $1.50 plus tax (only $.25 each!)

Second Deal:
buy 4 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Veggies, 12 oz--$1.25 each
Get these coupons $.60 off 1 ( print 2 at each link)
and buy 2 of these Green Giant Vegetables in sauce 24 oz--$2.50 each
print 2 of these coupons:
Your total, after coupons and the instant $4 savings is only $2.40!
There were more coupons for Steamers in the last couple Sunday papers, too.

Just make sure you do $10 per purchase to get the instant $4 off. I believe you need to separate each $10 order to get the $4 off each time.

For more killer deals, go to From the home page, click "Screaming Deals by State" then click on your state, then on Albertsons (or whatever store you are looking for) and then click on the Printable Shopping List.

Albertsons Meat Department DealsDECEMBER 11-14

These deals are 4 days only!

Lobster Tails $4.99 each
New York steak $4.47 lb
Top Sirloin $4.47 lb
Tri-Tip Steak $4,47 lb

General Mill Cereal, granola bars, fruit snacks Nov. 10-16th

Albertsons has select GM cereals, Fruit Snacks, and Granola Bars 2 for $5. When you buy $10 worth, you get an instant $4 off, making them 4 for $6. Fred Meyers has a coupon for $4 off of 4 GM cereals, Fruit Snacks, and Granola Bars. Use that coupon at Albertsons, and you end up getting 4 for $2! Their are also blinkie coupons out there ($1 off of 2 or $1 off of 3) that you could use, making it onlyl $1 for four or even FREE!

Albertsons is NOT reimbursed for the $4 Fred Meyer coupon, so please only do it once.

If you don't have an Albertsons, check your Krogers or Smiths ad, for the $4 coupon because they often have similar ads as FM.

**UPDATE**Some of the Albertsons won't accept the $4 Fred Meyer coupon, so ask your cashier...because some do...