Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have you gotten your free makeup yet?

Check out Rite Aid before it's too late and score some free makeup!!
This week at Rite aid, Covergirl face and eye makeup is Buy one, Get one FREE! That is nice and all, but to sweeten this deal there is a coupon for Buy one foundation, get a Covergirl face product FREE, from P/G 8/30!

Here is what I did!
9.99 trublend minerals foundation (powder)
9.99 trublend minerals foundation (powder)
8.49 smoothers makeup (liquid foundation)
7.49 trucheeks blush
5.19 eye enhancers
5.99 wetslicks lip gloss
=47.14 subtotal
-9.99 computer automatically subtracted for free foundation
-7.49 computer automatically subtracted for free blush
-9.99 coupon from PG 8/30
-5.19 coupon from PG 8/30
-8.49 coupon from PG 8/30
-5.19 refund, see below, but should have been 5.99
=46.34 in coupons
total paid $0.80 plus tax, but would have been free if I hadn't had trouble but I'm not complaining! $0.80 for almost $50.00 in makeup!! If you don't run into trouble like I did, you could do this and it would be only tax!

Watch out though, some Rite Aid stores are saying you need to actually buy one to use the coupon, so you get 3 for the price of 1. Meridian Rite Aid says 3 for the price of 1 but Cole/Fairview Rite Aid is where I did my deal.

If you do this deal, be sure to have the items scanned all in a row. I had four in a row and the computer automatically deducted the free item. Two of the makeup were intermixed with other items and did not get automatically subtracted. I thought it was more than what I expected but paid anyway and came home to find out what happened. I went back to get my money and they gave me the lesser valued one's money back. The cashier thought that the lip gloss gave it trouble, but lips are part of the face and should have been counted so watch the register ladies!

While you are there, get some free Wet Ones and some free Suave Lotion (see Brenda's post below). Both items are 1.99, have $1 coupons and $1 rebates making them free. Wet Ones coupon can be found linked on Krazycouponlady. While you are looking at Krazycouponlady, check out the free baby products also at Rite Aid. That is, if you can find a Rite Aid that has any in stock. Maybe they will get a shipment this Saturday?!

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