Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food Storage Items at Walmart...

Thanks Eva-Lu for this info!

"Hi everyone,
WalMart is carrying some food storage items right now. The items look like the ones that come from Blue Chip. I haven't checked the prices to see if they are good or great, but here is what they have:

Morning Moo 37 lbs (5 gallon bucket) 70.98
Hard White Wheat 45 lbs (5 gallon bucket) 20.88
Quick Rolled Oats 23 lbs (5 gallon bucket) 22.48
Long Grain Rice 44 lbs (5 gallon bucket) 38.72
Red Feather Cheese - can sorry not sure how big 4.18
Red Feather creamy butter - can, sorry not sure how big 6.02
#10 can whole dried eggs 21.98
#10 can cheese blend 16.07
#10 can Taco TVP 14.71
#10 can Potato Gems 12.16
#10 can Creamy Potato Soup 11.64
#10 can Creamy Chicken Soup 12.47
#10 can (4 lbs) Morning Moo 11.58 (regular and Chocolate)"


Tawnja said...

Ooh! I hope my Wal Mart is stocking this stuff. Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to Wallies I go!
Love ya, Lou!

Anonymous said...

I can't find this in local w-mart?
what part of the country or location did you find this?

Kiana said...

Thats nice.! I am heading to WalMart tomorrow, hope to get some food storage items. Well, I have some discount coupons too.