Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Life Savers

Albertsons (and possibly other places!) has the bags of LifeSavers candies for $1 a bag. Many of the bags have a little circle on the upper right hand corner that says "Save $1 Bonus Buck, coupon in every bag!" Inside of those bags, is a $1 off coupon for another bag of lifesavers! I bought 3 bags, paid $3. Then I opened those, got out the $1 coupon, and went back and got three more bags, which were now FREE with the coupon. I also bought 2 gallons of milk ($1.99 each) and doubled the lifesavers coupons, and ended up paying $.99 for all!

$3.00 for 3 bags of lifesavers ($1 each)
$3.98 for 2 gallons of milk
-$3.00 used 3 LifeSavers coupons
-$3.00 used 3 Doublers
$0.99 TOTAL OOP! (well, plus tax...)

Not too Shabby!

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