Friday, September 18, 2009

McDonald's Halloween Coupon Booklets

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom for this info!

McDonald's now has coupon booklets out for Halloween. These booklets cost $1 and come with 12 coupons. They are reporting that not all locations have these special booklets.

The coupon booklet includes:
-4 free apple dippers
-4 free small cones
-4 free apple juice or milk jugs

The fine print:
- coupon states cannot be used UNTIL 10/31 but some locations are allowing them now according to Chattanooga Cheapskate
-only good on kids 12 or under, but also according to Chattanooga Cheapskate, some locations are accepting for people older than 12

I don't know when they are expiring but these sources sound like they don't have an expiration!

Hurry and run over to McDonald's before they are all gone!

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