Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great Deal at Albertson's

Right now Albertsons has a deal where you can get a free gallon of milk when you buy 3 boxes of Kellogg's cereal.
If that Kelloggs cereal is Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies, then you also get a Free  12.6 oz Bag of M&Ms for every 2 boxes of Rice or Cocoa Krispies. 

And if you buy 10 boxes of certain Kellogg's cereals, you can get a $10 Gas Mastercard.

So here's the best way to do it:

$16.67 for 10 boxes of Rice Krispies ($1.67 each)
+$14.95 for  5 bags plain or peanut M&MS   ($2.99-$3.79each)
$31.62 SubTotal
-$14.95 for 5 M&M's coupons
$16.67 Total....for 10 boxes of Rice Krispies, AND 5 bags M&Ms, AND 3 gallons of milk, AND a $10 gas card (you have to mail away for it ...)

* Here is a link for $1/2 boxes Kellogg's cereals.  You can print 2 coupons from each computer you have access to: HERE 

*The 3 catalina coupons for milk will print up AFTER you pay for the transaction. 
*The expiration date on the milk coupons that printed up today was April 13th, so be sure to use them before then. 
*The M&M coupons were on the Rice Crispies & Cocoa Krispies boxes, but our Albertsons peeled them off and had them at the registers.  The maximum value for the M&M coupons is $2.99, and the M&M's are probably $3.79, so they may cost you 80 cents a bag, but that's worth it to me!  My Albertsons changed the price to $2.99 to make them free.
*You don't HAVE to buy any M&Ms to still get the free milk and $10 gas card.
*There are many different Kelloggs cereals that work for the free milk & $10 gas card, but only the Krispies work for the M&M's, and the other Kelloggs cereal's prices may vary from the $1.67 a box.
*There is a limit of 5 gas cards per household.
*The expiration date on the cereals I bought was a whole year away, March 2012.
*I did this about 11:00 this morning at my favorite Albertsons-the Albertsons in Meridian, ID on Cherry Lane by BigLots! and they had the cereal and M&M's and a big sign right up front. They had the forms for the gas cards & the M&M coupons at the register.

If you'd rather have more FREE milk than FREE M&Ms, then buy the cereal 9 at a time, & then you'll get 3 Free milk coupons, and can get 4 free M&M's.
You don't have to turn in your receipt for the $10 gas card, you have to send in 10 UPCs. Here's the link to print off the $10 gas card form:  >