Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sixty-Nine Cents???

Thanks Nikki for telling me about this AWESOME deal! And locating my coupons for me...And printing the Rite Aid coupon for me! And.....what an AWESOME friend, huh?

I just got 4 Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra's and 1 Suave Lotion for $.69...TOTAL!
The AirWick Ultra's are 50% off at Rite Aid. Some were regular priced $12.99, some were $13.99, so they rang in as $6.49 and $6.99. If you have only one coupon, buy one, and pay only .49 or .99!

Here's what I did:

$13.98 for two Air Wick Ultra Relaxation Lavender and Chamomile fragrance (reg $12.99 ea, sale $6.49)
$12.98 for two Air Wick Ultra FreshWaters Fragrance (reg price $13.99 ea, sale $6.99 ea)
$ 1.99 for one Suave 18 oz lotion
$ 1.74 Tax
-$ 5.00 used $5/$25 at RiteAid (http://www.coupons.com/)
-$24.00 used four $6 coupons (SS 8/9 and 8/30)*
-$ 1.00 used $1/1 Suave coupon (RP 9/8)
$ 0.69 TOTAL OOP (total Out Of Pocket) Oh, and there is a $1 rebate for the lotion, so this was all BETTER THAN FREE! Yahoo! I like it!

The Rite Aid in downtown Meridian is out. Nikki found some on a rack by the lightbulbs at our local rite Aid, so if your shelf is empty, look around! They weren't marked 50% off on the endcap, but they ring up that way! Just ask the cashier to check for you if you aren't sure...

When you pay, put all your items up and hand them the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon first. Then after that is taken off, give your other coupons. If yours is under the $25, buy a pack of gum or something cheap to make up the difference.
*read SS 8/9 and 8/30 as this: "Smart Source coupon insert from the Aug 9 and Aug 30 Sunday Newspaper)."
Thanks Nikki!


Glen and Nikki said...

I think that Suave coupon came out of the Red Plum 8/9. It couldn't have been from October silly!

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Oopsies! Thanks AGAIN Nikki! :-) I corrected the date, maybe 10/25 was the expiration???