Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GoGurts for how much??

Have you been to the yogurt isle at Albertson's recently?
I wandered past on Monday and noticed a green tag on the Gogurts for 99 cents (at Meridian/Cherry Albies)! This is one of those moments where you say Grrr! I know I have a coupon for that at HOME! I went back the next day and they were gone so I went to Ten Mile Albertsons and there Gogurts were marked $1.00. I bought all my coupons would allow, being 12! Some were from the paper, most were internet printable, which states "Do not double."

I thought 60 cents for a box of Gogurt is a fabulous deal. The last time I stocked up, the final price as $1.00.

I came home and printed more from,, All 3 websites have coupons for 40 cents off 1, and 80 cents off 2. Some of them I had printed before, so between 3 websites and 2 computers, I was able to print off enough to buy 20 more! The store had 16, so the coupons I had left, I used on Yoplait Trix yogurt, which was also 99 cents!

If the store lets you double them, that makes them 20 cents a box!! If not, 60 cents a box. I always try to double them. It varies by store and cashier of whether they will do this or not for you.

I bought 26 boxes of Gogurt and 4- 6 packs of Yoplait Trix for $6.49! The first set of 10, only 2 doublers were used (instead of 6) and I did use a survey coupon.

If you are wondering what I am going to do with all these Gogurts, then the answer is freeze them. Instead of a regular popsicle, my daughter gets yogurt popsicles. Sometimes we go through a box in 2 days, sometimes it is a week.

Go check out your local Albies to see if they have this deal! I went back to Ten Mile later that same day that I bought them and the shelf was restocked but they were back to being $2.99 instead of $1.00. I am not sure if when they run out, they restock the shelf and remove the tag OR restock and leave the tag until a certain date. Mer. Rd/Cherry was out when I got there but he restocked the shelf before I left but the tag was still there. Who knows?