Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taco Bell Products at Albertsons

When you buy 4 Taco Bell Products, you get $3 OYNO back,
so $ Taco Bell Refried beans are $4, get the $3 OYNO back, then buy 4 more, use the $3 OYNO, and you'll end up paying $1 for 4 cans of refried beans AND you'll get another $3 OYNO.
This also works for the Taco Bell Taco shells that are 10/$10, buy 4 and they end up being .25 a box.

The Taco Bell Dinner Kits are 2/$5. They have shells, seasoning, and salsa in them. When you buy 4 of them for $10, you will instantly get $3 off, making it $7, and then you'll get the $3 OYNO, making it $4, so they will end up being $1 each--pretty good deal, especially since the Taco Bell Seasonings are on sale for $1 each...but this way, you get the seasoning, shells, and salsa for $1.

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