Monday, March 16, 2009

3 Day Sale At Albertsons--Ends Tuesday, March 17th

Albertsons is having a 3 day sale. I found the ad in my Sunday paper. It was in the Life section, I think. On the ad are some coupons for:
Kraft American Singles, 12 oz $1.69 (limit 2)
Shoppers Value Ice Cream $1.39 (Limit 2)
S.V. Toilet Tissue 12 double rolls $3.99 (limit 4)
These coupons are also in the store. BUT there were also 3 Double coupon coupons to use with manufacturers coupons. Yea! I love double coupons! These double coupons were only in the Albertsons 3 Day Ad found in Sunday's paper.

Other specials in the ad:
SV Gallon of milk 3/$5 (only $1.66 each!) first 3
Green seedless grapes $.99 (Fred Meyer has them for $.88, red or green)
Santitas Tortilla Chips, 14 oz, $1.59
Albertsons Cereals $1.49, first 6
Corned Beef Brisket, $2.49 lb
Boneless Pork sirloin Chops or Roasts $1.99 lb.
Beef Cross Rib Roast $1.99 lb
Extra Lean Ground Beef $1.99 lb
Boneless Skinless Chkn Breast $1.99 lb
Stouffers Entrees or Smart Ones entrees or Desserts $1.88, first 12
Croissants (4-8 ct) 2.99 for 2 packages (BOGO)

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