Monday, March 30, 2009

Current Post Cereal Sale at Albertsons Ends April 7th

I HAVEN'T TRIED THIS YET! But it looks like this is a super-awesome deal:

Post Cereal Sale (Yea! Big People cereals!)
You can get these for $0.67 a box (or less, depending on coupons)

Post Grapenuts
Post Cereal Raisin Bran
Post Banana Nut Crunch
Post Cereal Gr/Grn Pecan
Post Great Grain Raisin Date Pecan
Post Cereal B'Berry Morning
Post Honey Bunches of Oats (HBO) Cinnamon Clstr
Post Cran Almond Crunch
Post Shred Wheat Frosted
Post HBO Honey Roasted
Post HBO Almond
Post Honey Nut Shrdd Wht
Post HBO Choc Cluster
Post Grape Nut TMC Crn Van
Post Select Apple Carmel Pecan
Post Spoon Size Shredded Wheat

Here's how:
Buy 1 for $2.07 OR
Buy 2, and they will be $1.57 a box OR
Buy 5, get a $5 OYNO which makes them $.57 a box.
Find coupons, and they will be $.27 a box!

$1/2 coupon in Smart Source coupon insert from Sunday March 1st
$1/2 coupon is Smart Source insert from Sunday, March 29
$2/1 at (only use one of these per 5 boxes of cereal, or your $5 OYNO may not print) I was able to print 5 of these before it said my limit was reached. You may have to wait up to 5 minutes to get these to print-don't know why, some printed quickly, but one took a long time...

So buy 5 at a time, (or 6 if you have $1/2 coupons) use the coupons if you have them, pay, get the $5 OYNO, and repeat!

There is a glitch in the system, and sometimes the cereals are scanning at $2.07, and the bonus $1.00 isn't coming off for buying 2 or more...they are working on fixing it, just check your reciept and go to customer service to get it corrected if it happens to you. UPDATE: I haven't had this problem...maybe it's fixed?

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