Thursday, March 26, 2009

Costco--Morning Moo

This is a SUPER GREAT deal!
Regular price for Morning Moo is $119/50 lb bag..............$2.38/ lb
The Special Large Quantity rate is $89/50 lb bag.............$1.78/ lb
Costco right now is $55/37 lb bucket..............................$1.48/ lb

This is an incredibly awesome deal!!!!! Not only is it only $1.48 a pound, but it is ALREADY packaged in a bucket and ready to store. (and Jen said it is a cute, cowprint bucket, too!)

If you want some of this, you probably need to act on it ASAP, because it will probably go really fast, and I bet this is one of their one time things, and not something they will always have.


Anonymous said...

I was just down in Arizona and they have it in their Costco also. Do you know if they just have it in certain localities or pretty much everywhere?

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

I don't know, but so far I've heard they have it in Utah areas, Idaho, and now Arizona! Thanks for the info!


I was just at the Costco in South San Fransisco to get my regular purchase of Morning Moo's milk in the 37# pail. Much to my suprise it was only $27.97, which is half of what I paid less than a month ago. If you are into food storage you already know how great this milk is. It is my understanding that the stores in the Bay area will no longer be carrying Morning Moo's milk, so take advantage of this deal while you still can. Here is a list of the stores I have heard carry Morning Moo:

Santa Rosa

South San Fransisco


Sand City




NE San Jose


Rancho Cordova




I have been using Morning Moo's milk and other BLUE CHIP GROUP products for 4 years now and haven't been dissapointed yet.
I hope this helps!!!!!!

Helen said...

How do I open that big pail? I just bought one from MV costco in the bay area. You will not believe that It is just $15.95.

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Holy cow, Helen! Wish I was in the area! Barbiemom got an AMAZING deal, and yours is just downright UNBELIEVABLE!!! Stock up! I can't imagine it getting any better than that!!!
To open the bucket, you need someone with really strong hands, or a "Plastic Pail Lid Remover" see here: You can find these at a Home Depot type of place, or a food storage supplies place, or maybe even CostCo...good luck!