Wednesday, February 18, 2009

5 Granola Bars,& 5 Fruit Snacks for $5.50 (or less...)only til Feb 22nd

With the Buy 10 get $10 Promotion going on, (see post just below this one) if you buy 5 Nature Valley Granola Bars and 5 Fruit Rollups (or fruit by the foot, gushers, fruit stickers), your total will come to $22.50 and you will get $10 back (for buying 10 items) AND $3.50 back (for buying 5 granola bars) AND another $3.50 back (for buying 5 fruit snacks). So you will spend $22.50 (plus tax) and get $17 back. If you have coupons for those items (which their were the last couple of weeks) then they are almost FREE!

The $3.50's will only print out till the 22nd (Sunday), but the $10 will print out through do this before Sunday to get the extra...

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