Friday, February 20, 2009

Sample Shopping List for Albertsons Feb 18th-24th

Here are some of the $10 deals that I've done. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read prior posts starting all the way down to the post titled "KillerDeals this Weeks Albertsons Ad...Feb 18th-24th" and then read all the way up to here. Then you'll get it:)

Order #1 FINAL COST WILL BE ZERO! (only tax)
First Group of 10:
2 Toaster Strudels..$2 each x2=$4
2 Chex Mix..........$2 each x2=$4
6 Progresso Soup....$1.50 ea x6=$9
Total $17-$2 (ToasterStrudel Qs) -$2 (ChMx Qs) -$3 (ProgSoup Qs)=$10 -$10 OYNO=$0 (well, you will have tax) AND get a $10 OYNO back

Here are the coupons to print for Order #1. Remember you can print each coupon twice at each computer you have access too.

$1/1 Toaster Strudel (read $1 off of 1 Toaster Strudel)

$1/1 Chex Mix:

$2/4 AND $1/2 Progresso Soups:
Print both coupons twice, but use one $2 and one $1 coupon for the first transaction. If you have already received a $10 OYNO, you can use that too, to make the transaction free. If this is your first "Buy 10 save $10 transaction, then you will have to pay $10, but you'll get the $10 OYNO back to use on the next.

Order #2 FINAL COST WILL BE $2.50:

10 assorted Betty Crocker Cake Mixes at $1.25 each=$12.50-$10 OYNO=$2.50 AND you'll get another $10 OYNO back.

Order #3FINAL COST WILL BE $0.24

4 Grands! biscuits...$1.25 each x4=$5
2 BC Frostings.......$1.67 each x2=$3.34
4 Progresso Soup.....$1.50 each x4=$6

Total is $14.34-$1 (for 2 Grands! Qs) -$1.10 (for 2 BC frosting Qs) -$2 (for Prog. Soup Qs) -$10 OYNO = TWENTY FOUR CENTS! AND you'll get another $10 OYNO back.

Here's the addresses to these coupons
$.50/2 Grands
$.55/1 Betty Crocker frosting
$2/4 Progresso Soup (printed from link above in Order #1)

Order #4 FINAL COST $2.30

5 boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars...$2.50 each x5=$12.50
5 boxes fruit snacks (Gushers, Fr by the Foot, Rollups, Fr Snacks)$2 each x5=$10

Total is $22.50 -$1.20 (for 2 granola bar Qs) -$1.50 for 2 fruit snacks Qs -$10 OYNO =$9.80 AND you'll get another $10 OYNO back AND a $3.50 OYNO back (for buying 5 granola bars) and ANOTHER $3.50 back (for buying 5 fruit snacks)


Tons of other great deals! This is just a few examples.

Remember you can mix and match anything that it shows on the "BUY 10 SAVE $10" ad. Just make sure you buy 10 participating products at a time to get your $10 OYNO back. The $10 OYNO (good ON Your Next Order) can be used on ANYTHING.

Make sure to print this coupon, too...

$1.10/1 Progresso Soup

other coupons that work for the "buy 10 get $10 Promotion" can be found at and and

If my math is wrong, or have questions or comments, please reply!


Amanda said...

Can I just say how excited I am about this!? I just went to the Eagle albertsons and got a ton of stuff for cheap! I am going to go on monday and do the deals you just talked about. It is like a game!

Thank you so much! I am going to do a shout out on my blog about your blog! THANK YOU!

PS-my husband works for albertsons, so we get an additional %5 off of some items! How fun is that!?

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Yay! I'm glad you like playing the "grocery game" too! It's so AWESOME when they have these deals and we can get so much for so little! Thanks for the note!

abby's photo shoppe said...

Wow!!! My husband and I both went and took advantage of this. Sooooo fun! We loved it and cannot wait for your next post!

We were confused on the oyno and what it meant but once we saw the signs at the store it made more sense. Also, we are c oupon virgins so it was probably us that made it hard but we had fun! Love this blog and my pantry is FULLL.

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Oh Horray! I'm so glad you got a pantry full! I'm going back today, too, in hopes of stocking up on a few more things. Your "coupon virgins" comment cracked me up! Hope they have another great sale like this soon.

Justin said...

the best time to go- late evening of the last day! the checker let me do separate transactions because there was no one there and i did all my oyno at once! sweet!