Friday, February 20, 2009

Kelloggs and Free milk (at Albertsons)

When you buy 4 Kelloggs cereals in one transaction (they have to be the Kelloggs cereals that are on sale for 2 for$5 or they may say 4/$10) then you get a free gallon of milk which appears as an automatic $4.50 credit off your grocery bill, regardless of the price of the milk. The $4.50 credit will come off whether you buy the milk or not, but I can ALWAYS use milk!


Ben said...

Thanks for helping us get our food storage going Brenda!! Love ya'

Evans Family said...

This is Tanya's daughter Myranda- do you know if you can use a coupon for the milk on top of that deal? I have a .50 off coupon and was wondering if it would just take another .50 off the bill. I love your site too-its very simple to find the deals!

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Myranda, I would give them the coupon to use, it should work, but it always depends on the cashier. Some are really picky about coupons and don't quite understand how they work or are worried about getting in trouble. But I don't think there should be a problem. The $4.50 credit comes off automatically, it's not something they have to scan or key in, so I'd just hand them the coupon!