Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KillerDeals this Weeks Albertsons Ad...Feb 18th-24

Albertsons has a whole bunch of things that when you buy ten items (you can mix and match) you get $10 back.

When you buy 10 progresso soups, after the $10 back, they are only 50 cents a can!
Here is a link to print off 2 different coupons that will make the progresso soups free. You can print 2 of each one.

If you have more than one printer, you can print 2 more of each coupon with that printer. If you have a work, or your husband has a work, print some off there. If your neighbor, motherinlaw,friend, etc, doesn’t use coupons, have them print them for you too. A lady at the store today said her husband could print her off as many as she wanted because of the way the computers were set up at his work, it didn't put the limit on I hear YEARS SUPPLY???

You can print off 2 coupons for $2 off of 4 cans and 2 coupons for $1 off of 2 cans. When you buy progresso soups 10 cans at a time, and use the coupons, your total will come to $15, then minus $5 worth of coupons, and your total is $10, then you'll get $10 back as an OYNO (to use on next purchase). Then if you buy 10 more, total will come to $15 again, use the $10 OYNO, so $5 is your cost, but if you have more of those coupons, then it can be FREE--you'll only have to pay tax! There were also coupons in the Feb 28th GM Sundays newspaper coupon sectionthat make them 25 cents a can.

Cake mixes end up being 25 cents when you buy 10 and use the $10 OYNO, pillsbury grands biscuits end up being a quarter each (our Albertsons had yellow peel off coupons stuck on the cans of biscuits which actually made them FREE!)

If you are local, the old Meridian Albertsons (by BigLots!) ordered in TONS of product and has extra coupons at the front counter.

Lots of other great deals at Albies! Get in and get them before they run out. I'll try to update my blog later today with more of the great deals. Also go to click of "state forums" then "Screaming Deals by State" then on "Idaho" or "Utah" or whatever..."then on "Albertsons Printable Shopping List" for an amazing list of the sales and coupons that match.

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