Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Albertsons Deals Jan 28-Feb 3

Front page of ad there are some extreme coupons that you can get:
Hamburger Helper for .98 each limit of 6.
Albertson's selected cereals $1.49 each limit 8,
Albertsons orange, apple, or grape (frozen) juice .99 each limit 9,
Kraft chunk cheese 8 oz. $1.99 each limit 4,
Arm and Hammer laundry detergent $3.49 each limit 1.

Culinary circle pizza Buy 1 get 1 free plus 2 free 2 liter bottles Dr. Pepper.
This is BY FAR the BEST frozen pizza I have EVER HAD! MMMMmmm... Print off $1 coupons at This makes 2 pizza's and 2 sodas $5.29

AWESOME POPCORN DEAL! Orville Redenbachers popcorn is buy 1 at $2.99 and GET 3 FREE!!! No Limit. This is while coupons last at the store. In the Sunday coupons from Jan 18th is Qs for $1 off of 2 and .40 off of one, so if you use them, that's only $1.99 for 4 boxes (about .50/box!) or 4 boxes for $2.59 with the .40 coupon. BUT WAIT!!! If you buy 16 boxes all at once then You'll get $5 back, (Make sure you have 4 of the buy 1 get 3 free coupons from the store)! (I haven't yet tried this deal, my husband just told me about the $5 back when you buy 16!)
Also print off $1 off of 1 at You can print is twice for each printer you have.

Coke 12 pack soda pop is 6/$20. When you buy 6 you get a $5.00 OYNO back, so that comes to 6/$15 or $2.50 each 12 pack.

Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.77 lb. no limit
When you buy $3.00 of chicken (whether in the meat department or service deli) you can get 3 bottles of Kraft bbq sauce for .25 each. If you live around Meridian, buy these from the old Meridian store (at the corner where Fairview turns to Cherry Lane) starting Friday Jan 30 to Sunday. (My husband is the Meat department manager, and they are having a contest Friday to Sunday to see which store sells the most meat from the butcher block...shameless, aren't I? :)
Hamburger $1.99 lb (Friday to Sunday)
Shrimp $4.99 lb for 2# with coupon (Friday to Sunday)

buy 3 boxes of Nabisco snack crackers ($1.99) get a free cheese (Easy Cheese,, velveeta 8 oz, or kraft cheese slices 8 oz.) The best deal is with the easy cheese. In this Sundays coupons section, there were Qs for $2 off of 2 boxes.

Tonys frozen pizza $2.00 each.


tawnja said...

I'm actually going to be near an Albertsons on Saturday. Yay! My years supply of popcorn is on its way!

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Yahoo! Glad you can take advantage of some of these deals! Print out this post and the Orville post so you'll know what to do. Also, look for the Orville Redenbachers "FREE Extra Box" display at any of your other stores and get the coupons (you need 4 for every 16 boxes) in case the Albertsons is out of them, since they only have a limited number of them.