Saturday, January 31, 2009

JC Penneys Sale

JC Penneys is having a killer clearance sale. They have lots of things (in EVERY department) for 75% off PLUS an additional 50% off! So anything with a little green or a little pink price tag is an ADDITIONAL 50% off that price. Also around the store they have "Price Check" stations where you can scan something to check the price. Some of the things scan for WAY cheaper than they are marked. For example, I bought a rug that was originally priced $60, but marked down to $29, but I price checked it and it rang up for $7.50.

Here are some of the deals that I got or just saw and wanted :)
Universal Remote control regular $19.99, paid $1.97
American Living (Ralph Lauren) sheets reg. $150.00 paid $34
American Living sheets reg. $135.00, paid $17.00
Assorted Ties, reg $29-$38, paid $3-$5
Beddding Set (comforter, 2 shams, skirt) reg $159.99, paid $19
American Living rug, reg $29, paid $3
jeans, reg $48 paid $6

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