Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some GREAT Albertsons Deals this week (May 6-12)

There is a great Kraft Promo this week. For every $10 you buy in Participating Kraft Products, an INSTANT $3 comes off (I LOVE IN$TANT gratification!)

One of the BEST deals on this promo is the Kraft Ranch Dressing. They are 4/$10, but on the displays are $1.50 off of one bottle. Buy 4 bottles, use 4 coupons, minus the $3 Instantly and, Voila! total is $1 (so only .25 each! Not too shabby)

Also, Kraft 18 oz BBQ sauces are $1 each AND are on the Promo AND have a Catalina offer! So if you buy 4, you get a $2 OYNO, buy 5, get $2.50 OYNO, buy 6 get a $3 OYNO. So if you incorporate 4 or more into your $10 Kraft purchase, not ONLY will you recieve the INSTANT Kraft $3 off, you will also get $$$ back! Yahoo! I love money back...

BUT WAIT!!! It gets even better! STARTING FRIDAY, there will also be a Kraft Mac'n'Cheese if you buy 4,5, or 6 Mac & Cheeses in your order, you will get ANOTHER OYNO! Buy 4 Mac-n-Cheese, get $1 OYNO, buy 5 and get $1.50 OYNO, buy 6 get a $2 OYNO. So if you mix and match the BBQ sauces and the Mac'n Cheese, you will be rockin! For example:

$6 Buy 6 Mac&Ch
$4 Buy 4 BBQ
$10.00 SubTotal
-$3 Instant KRAFT Savings
-$2 Mac&Ch OYNO
Even better if you can get your hands on some of these coupons: In the SS coupon section from this Sunday's paper is .75 off of one BBQ sauce. In the parade magazine from this Sundays paper was also a coupon for BOGO for the Easy Mac, so you could get it for even less!

See for the complete printable shopping list. The area in the gray section lists all the items included in the Kraft Promo. Make sure to check it out!


Hansen Household said...

What store has the Ranch Peelies on them?

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

I just came back from the Meridian Albies on Fairview by BigLots. It has them, but I heard that they should be everywhere...but I'm not sure

Hansen Household said...