Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tyson Chicken $1.66...again!!!

UPDATE:  These are all gone at Meridian Albies by BigLots! as of this morning...hope you were able to get some!

Hooray!  The Tyson deal is running again!

Albertsons has Tyson Frozen Fully-Cooked Bagged Chicken Products on sale for $4.99!

The Old Meridian Albertsons on Cherry Lane (by BigLots) has $1 off coupons taped to the door of the freezer section (if they are gone, ask at the meat counter...they have TONS!) So if you buy one at $4.99, use a coupon, and a doubler (ask the cashiers if you don't have any, they usually have extras) then it's only $2.99 a bag!!!! Awesome deal!! BUT WAIT!!!! It get's better!!! There is also a *catalina going on!!! So you can get it for only $1.66 a bag if you do this:
Buy 3 Tyson Frozen Fully-Cooked Bagged Chicken Products for $4.99 each
Use $1/1 from SS or Fall Into Savings Coupon Book (or go to Cherry Lane Albies)
Use 3 Doubles
Pay: $8.97
Receive: $4 catalina 
Buy 3 more bags, use the catalina from above, and pay $4.97 for 3 bags!!!
Final Price: $4.97 for 3 bags or $1.66 each!

This Albertsons ( by BigLots) ordered in 1500 bags of Tyson for this deal, Thanks Albertsons!
There are Chicken Patties, Chicken Nuggets, Fun Nuggets (shaped like dinosaurs), Finger Steaks, and Chicken family loves them all!  I ordered 21 bags last time this deal hit, and wished I got more...yeah!  Now I can!  Better re-arrange the freezer!
Yahoo!!! That's a stockin'up price!!!
I'll see you there!  This price is only good through this Tuesday, so don't miss out!

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