Monday, October 11, 2010


The Old Wisconsin Summer Sausages are on sale for $4.99, but are $3.99 with the in-ad coupon (limit 6). Inside the package is a $3 off coupon, which would make them only $0.99 each! The old Meridian Albertsons (by BigLots) on Cherry Lane will open them up, get the coupon out so you can use it right away, and then rewrap it for you. I'm not sure if other Albies are doing this too...but it even gets better! They also have a coupon for $2 off any meat purchase when you buy 2 of the summer sausages. So here is what I did:

 $29.94...for 6 summer sausages @ $4.99 each
 $10.82..for 3 New York Steaks (INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED)
-$ 6.00...In-ad coupon for summer sausages
-$18.00...$3 off coupons inside summer sausages (6 of them)
-$ 6.00...$2 off meat coupon when you buy 2 summer saus (used 3 of them)
 $10.76...TOTAL OUT OF POCKET!!! WOW!!!  And that's for 3 NEW YORK STEAKS and 6 Old Wisconsin Sausages! 
For the $2 meat coupon you don't have to buy New York Steaks like I did, you can buy anything...a pound of hamburger, a roast, whatever...and use the $2 off meat coupon. I know my favorite Albies (Cherry Lane by BigLots) has a bunch of the Sausages already packaged with the coupon out and all the coupons I mentioned back in the meat department for the asking.

They also had some GREAT produce deals.  Back by the meat department were a couple carts with bags of fresh produce for only .99 a bag!  There were bags with 8 onions, bags with 6-8 BIG baking potatoes, bag of 5-6 pomegranites, a bag with 5 or 6 BIG red bell peppers, bags with a couple heads of lettuce, 5or 6 ears of corn, etc...all for only .99 a bag!

Mmmmm....were eatin' good tonight!

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