Monday, November 23, 2009

WOW! ALbertsons is CHEAPEST in Valley for your Thanksgiving Meal!

KTVB reported that the Cheapest place in the valley to get all your Thanksgiving Feast items is ALBERTSONS this year...and that's even without using coupons! BUT we all know, throw in a few coupons and some DOUBLERS, and HOLY COW! We could save a bundle! To see KTVB's story, click HERE.

I'm not going to re-write the list, but checkout these links for great shopping at Albies! then under "Samantha" click on "printable Grocery Smarts shopping list" This list is the BEST. If lists all the items on sale at albertsons, and where to find coupons to match up with the sales. Remember that you can also use Doublers from this Sundays paper! The link above is for Idaho. If you live in a different state, click on "State Forums" then scroll down the list to find your state's "Screaming Deals", then scroll down the list to find Albertsons or whichever store you are looking for. Make sure to click on the right ad date!

Click this link to for some great ideas to use your doublers.

There are quite a few things that end up being super-duper cheap, or even FREE!

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