Thursday, October 22, 2009

$15 gift code to Kodak Gallery

Thanks to $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge for this information!

Kodak Gallery is giving away 300,000 photo gifts! (after that you will get a 40% off coupon code) You can go here to receive a FREE $15 gift code. You can use the gift code on anything in their gallery! This would be great for Christmas! This will be yet another idea to help with the photo books and other photo projects you could be working on!

At first it just says you will get a photo gift but after putting in your information it says you will get a $15 gift code.

With code, pricing would be:
Remember, this list does not include all possibilities, and some items listed are less than $15 so I suppose you could get something else with it to use all of the $15. I haven't tried it yet myself, so let us know what you are getting!

There is a limited supply so hurry over to ensure you get one!

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