Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Albertsons Ad beginning Wednesday April 29th

Thanks Jared for this info:
Front page of this weeks ad has some great buys on it. First of all extreme coupons:
- 4/$1.00 nissin cup noodles limit 4
- .88 american beauty pasta or hunts spaghetti sauce limit 8
- .97 Mission medium flour Tortillas limit 4
- $2.77 Arrowhead 24 pack water limit 2
- .79 Pepsi 2 liters limit 2
- $2.58 ball park Beef, Angus or Grillmaster Franks limit 4
- $1.49 Kellogg's cereal or poptarts select varieties and sizes limit 2
- $1.99 Albertson's Ice cream limit 2

Strawberries in a 4 lb. container is only $4.99 each.

Red baron or dreyers ice cream is $2.99 each.
Oreos are only $2.00 and if you buy a gallon of milk there are some $1.00 off oreo coupons. So you can get oreos for $1.00 each for each gallon of milk you buy.
Stouffers or lean cuisine entrees or paninis are $1.88 each.
Tomatoes on the vine are .99 lb.
Fresh beef round rump roast is $1.99 lb.
Bone in pork shoulder country style ribs (great for Grilling) is only .99 lb. Albertson's bone in split chicken breast .99 lb.
Tostitos tortilla chips are 2/$6.00 and when you buy 2 you get a free con queso salsa or creamy dip.
Watermellon whole seedless is only .39 lb.
Extra lean Ground beef (85% lean) is only $1.88 lb.
10 lb. bag of potatoes is $1.99.

There is a proctor and gamble event that when you buy $20 or more you get a $5.00 off coupon good on your next purchase. This will make some great prices on Tide, Gain, Charmin, Pringles, bounce, downy, cascade, febreez, dawn, pampers, iams, bounty, puffs, ect....
Tide or Gain is $10.99 limit 2, so buy 2 for $21.98, get $5 back, making them 2 for $16.98.

There is a big sale on hunts items. There are a lot of 10/$10 items. Hunts tomatoes, ketchup, bbq sauce, snack packs, ect.

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