Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rite Aid 75% off Christmas Lights!!!

Just ran to Rite Aid and found Christmas Lights are 75% off! I've been wanting LED's, and they had MANY different kinds for CHEAP! (Hopefully they don't work cheaply....) I bought 12 boxes of indoor/outdoor lights (reg price $8.99 per box, sale price $2.24 per box!) for 26.88 plus tax! BUT WAIT!!! It gets better! for every $25 in purchases you accumulate between now and Dec 24th you get a $5 rebate, (for up to $20 back). Pretty cool, huh? So I just got $106.00 worth of Christmas lights for, like 21 bucks...!

They also had a lighted deer set with a buck and a doe for $7.49 (reg $29.99), and a grinch blow up thing with the Santa grinch going up and in down the chimney and the grinches dog for $24.99 (reg $99.99). There were other assorted cute light up things for 75% off.

I'm assuming this sale ends TODAY since RiteAid's ads change on Sundays...but not sure...

Make sure to save all your receipts to enter on line at to get up to $20 rebate.

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Lenton said...

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