Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Albertsons Deals, End Jan 6th

Lean Cuisines are $1.17 when you buy 6 of them. Same with hot pockets.
Arrowhead 24 pack water is 2.34 each when you buy 3 and
dreyers ice cream is also $2.34 each when you buy 3.
Shoppers value milk 2%, 1%, and Fat free is only $2.00 each.
Whole is $2.29.
Dannon yogurt is .38 each no limit.
Kellogg's cereals (select varieties) are $1.59 each. Pepsi 24 pack is $5.99 each when you buy 2.
Albertson's 12 pack soda pop is $1.25 each.
On the back page of the ad there is a sale on select nestle items that when you buy $10 worth you get $3.00 off at the register. That makes Hot pockets $1.17 and Stouffers lean cuisine $1.17. That makes Arrowhead water $2.34 each, and for those who have dogs we have a sale on Purina Dog Chow. The 20 lb. bag is going to be $10 and when you buy one it will take $3.00 off at the register to make it $7.00 each bag.
For the next ad, try to find all the coupons that you can for Proctor and Gamble items. This is one of the biggest sales on Bounty towels, Tide 100 oz., and Charmin bath tissue.

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