Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great Deal at Albertson's

Right now Albertsons has a deal where you can get a free gallon of milk when you buy 3 boxes of Kellogg's cereal.
If that Kelloggs cereal is Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies, then you also get a Free  12.6 oz Bag of M&Ms for every 2 boxes of Rice or Cocoa Krispies. 

And if you buy 10 boxes of certain Kellogg's cereals, you can get a $10 Gas Mastercard.

So here's the best way to do it:

$16.67 for 10 boxes of Rice Krispies ($1.67 each)
+$14.95 for  5 bags plain or peanut M&MS   ($2.99-$3.79each)
$31.62 SubTotal
-$14.95 for 5 M&M's coupons
$16.67 Total....for 10 boxes of Rice Krispies, AND 5 bags M&Ms, AND 3 gallons of milk, AND a $10 gas card (you have to mail away for it ...)

* Here is a link for $1/2 boxes Kellogg's cereals.  You can print 2 coupons from each computer you have access to: HERE 

*The 3 catalina coupons for milk will print up AFTER you pay for the transaction. 
*The expiration date on the milk coupons that printed up today was April 13th, so be sure to use them before then. 
*The M&M coupons were on the Rice Crispies & Cocoa Krispies boxes, but our Albertsons peeled them off and had them at the registers.  The maximum value for the M&M coupons is $2.99, and the M&M's are probably $3.79, so they may cost you 80 cents a bag, but that's worth it to me!  My Albertsons changed the price to $2.99 to make them free.
*You don't HAVE to buy any M&Ms to still get the free milk and $10 gas card.
*There are many different Kelloggs cereals that work for the free milk & $10 gas card, but only the Krispies work for the M&M's, and the other Kelloggs cereal's prices may vary from the $1.67 a box.
*There is a limit of 5 gas cards per household.
*The expiration date on the cereals I bought was a whole year away, March 2012.
*I did this about 11:00 this morning at my favorite Albertsons-the Albertsons in Meridian, ID on Cherry Lane by BigLots! and they had the cereal and M&M's and a big sign right up front. They had the forms for the gas cards & the M&M coupons at the register.

If you'd rather have more FREE milk than FREE M&Ms, then buy the cereal 9 at a time, & then you'll get 3 Free milk coupons, and can get 4 free M&M's.
You don't have to turn in your receipt for the $10 gas card, you have to send in 10 UPCs. Here's the link to print off the $10 gas card form:  >


Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK!!! I love it when you give us a good ideas. I'm gonna head on over there.

Karmen said...

I just got back from Albertsons, thanks to your posting! We LOVE all the FREE milk coupons we got and the great deal on cereals! Just remember, for the gas card, you have to buy CERTAIN Kelloggs cereals, like the All Bran, Raisin Bran, and Granola, and if you stick with the Rice Krispies (not cocoa), you're safe too! The "yummy" ones like Fruit Loops, Pops, and Frosted Flakes won't work for the gas card. But they're still a GREAT DEAL along with the FREE MILK! Thanks Brenda!

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

oooh...thanks, Karmen. Our Albies had it posted that the Cocoa Krispies works, but I called the Store Manager, and he's trying to get a hold of AARP or Kellogg's or whoever and see if they'll take the Cocoa, too...but until then, we better not plan on it...I'll fix my post! Thanks for watching my back!

Marie said...

Thanks for posting this info! I have linked to it over on Idaho Preppers...

Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted to share that Kroger has a new program for May and they are sharing recipes, money saving tips and coupons, fun activities to do with your family, and live in-store demos.