Friday, April 16, 2010

$20 Olay Rebate, when you spend $50

Here’s a great new Rebate for the higher end Olay products.
$20 Rebate when you purchase $50 worth of Olay Facial Moisturizers, Facial Treatments and/or Facial Cleansers.
All purchases must be made by May 9, 2010. Rebate submissions must be postmarked by May 21, 2010.

These purchases do NOT need to be on one receipt. Download your rebate form here.

There is a “Spend $24.99, Receive $10″ Extra Bucks Promo at CVS beginning Sunday 4/18 that will make a good opportunity to “stack” with this rebate.

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady.


erin d. said...

Go there Brenda, but use the bathroom first, I think you may pee your pants with excitement ;)

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

Hey! I've been potty-trained since before you were born! oh, but now that I'm 40, I here things might start going down hill, so, yeah, I better hit the loo first! thanks for the reminder!!! :P

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

oh, see! It's going downhill already, I meant "hear" not "here"...