Saturday, December 12, 2009

Morning Moo at CostCo

Thanks to Barbiemom for this info!

" I was just at the Costco in South San Fransisco to get my regular purchase of Morning Moo's milk in the 37# pail. Much to my suprise it was only $27.97, which is half of what I paid less than a month ago. If you are into food storage you already know how great this milk is. It is my understanding that the stores in the Bay area will no longer be carrying Morning Moo's milk, so take advantage of this deal while you still can. Here is a list of the stores I have heard carry Morning Moo:
Santa Rosa
South San Fransisco
Sand City
NE San Jose
Rancho Cordova
I have been using Morning Moo's milk and other BLUE CHIP GROUP products for 4 years now and haven't been dissapointed yet.
I hope this helps!!!!!!"

Thanks Barbiemom! In March I was THRILLED when the 37 lb bucket was $55.00 at CostCo, but $28? Are you kidding? That's KILLER!! I called my local CostCo (Boise, ID) to see if they had it, but it is still $55 and the Nampa CostCo doesn't carry it...bummer... But that price is definitely worth checking into! I hope you bought a dozen buckets, Barbiemom! Let me know if any of you find it (or any other) killer deals.


Anonymous said...

Costco discontinued selling this wonderful milk as of last week. I am so sorry it is not available.

Anonymous said...

Just saw it today at Costco in Tempe, AZ. A 37lb bucket for $57.99