Wednesday, July 1, 2009


If you are going to want to get a lot of tuna, or anything else, for that matter, call your local Albertsons and pre-order it! I usually ask to talk to the grocery manager, and then I have them order me 10 cases of tuna or 60 Easy-Macs or whatever it is I want to make sure I get what I want. That way, you don't have to keep going in trying to find the hot sale items, or you don't clean them out of their inventory (which is not polite to do, because then all the other customers are mad...:) So if you find a great deal you want to stock up on, give them a call, pre-order it, and when it comes in, they will call you, you can go pick it up, and you won't have to fight the crowds! But call today or tomorrow to pre-order so they can get the product in before the sale ends. Happy Shopping!


Angela Palmer said...

Do you get the catalina dollars again with this weeks tuna promo? Can you use the catalina dollars on anything or does it have a maximum amount of purchase?

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

The tuna Catalina still prints for this weeks promo and you can use them on ANYTHING (except cigs and alcohol!)