Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WOW! Look what $26.15 can buy!

Here's a picture of my shopping run and 2 kids who think they are bunnies...? :)
It probably doesn't look like THAT much, but let me break it down for you:

3 gallons of Shoppers Value Milk (reg price $1.99, sale $1.67 each)
3 boxes Reses Cereal (reg $5.29???, sale $2.49 each)
1 hunts catsup (reg $1.99, sale $1.50)
3 six packs Dannon Lite&Fit Yogurt (reg $3.29, sale $1.99)
4 boxes Reynolds Wrap (reg price $1.85 each)
1 Capri Sun Sunrise (reg price $3.19, sale price $2.00)
14 Oscar Meyer Hotdogs (reg price $$3.99, sale $0.98 each)
16 easy Mac (reg $1/00. sale $1)
240 pouches of Starkist Tuna (reg price $1.59 each, sale $1)
1 mentos gum (reg $1.49) I had to buy these, to make a transaction in the positive.
1 package little swimmers diapers (reg $8.89 sale $7.49--not a great deal, but I needed them, did have a doubled coupon for $2 off)

So my total OOP (including tax) was $32.15, but then I had 6 more $1 OYNO's from the tuna deal to take home, so when you factor that in, it was like paying $26.15!!!! For ALL of that!!!! WOW! Not too bad at all, I'd say! AND I earned .20/gal gas rewards, so that means an additional $4.00 off of 20 gallons of gas! Pretty cool, huh?

I saved $492.26! Super Duper Awesomely Cool, huh?

The old downtown Meridian Albertsons (by BIg LOts) had 3 FULL pallets of Tuna in this morning and the coupons for them are at the register. I think it is best to buy the tuna pouches in 30's, which is 1 case, plus 6 more pouches) then use 10 of the tearpad coupons (if not by the display, ask because they may be at the registers). Your total will come to $7.50, and then 6 $1 OYNO's will print out to use on your next order. So if you do it again, you can use the $6 of OYNO's towards your next purchase, making it only $1.50 for 30 pouches of Starkist Tuna. The expiration on the ones I bought isn't until 2012! AWESOME! Great Food storage!

I of course, didn't buy these all at once, but in several different transactions so that I could use double coupons. Most of the coupons I used (and doubled) to get the deals pictured above are listed in the two posts below this. So check them out, make your list, and run to the store!


The Royal Family said...

GReat job, I love seeing what everyone else gets. :)

BC said...

That's awesome! (I may be dumb, what is a tuna pouch?)

BC said...

That's awesome! (I may be dumb, what is a tuna pouch?)
Ben Campbell

Brenda Campbell Hansen said...

It is canned tuna that is in a bag-like pouch instead of in a can. It is 2.6 oz of tuna rather than 5-6 oz of tuna like in a can. But they are perfect for a 72 hour kit, through in a lunch box with sliced cheese and crackers, take back packing, etc. If you look in the picture I took, the top case of tuna is open and you can see the blue pouches. :)